In 2006 a new revolution occurred in BAN under the leadership of Dr. Syed Huda, who was selected as a President of BAN. One evening of 2005 during the Eid party Dr. Rokeya Farooque declared a new committee for BAN, naming Dr. Syed Huda as a President, Dr. Jashim Uddin as a general secretary and Dr. Atiquer Rahman as a Treasurer. The journey began for the new committee and involved others to run a historical revolution. To expand the committee we chose Dr.Shampa Nasreen as a cultural secretary, Zulfiquer Rahman as a communication secretary, Taneem Amin as a entertainment secretary, A. M Saifullah as a sports secretary,Tareq Hussain as a Planning secretary and we engaged so many young and energetic people like Ruhi, Rakhi, Mauri, Pial, Aneeka, Mosharrof, Zakia, Asif, Hasan, Lima, Kalam, Sheila, Asha, Masum, Kathika,Masood, Anjum, Muneer, Tanuja, Molly and many more.

In the year 2006, we organized our Eid reunion, Cultural program, Picnic and Iftar party at ICN. A new cultural program with a slide show was organized, which we were never done before in BAN. If we did not have Watkins College of Arts Auditorium, we probably would not see that excellent slide show. For the great job on the slide show thanks goes to Jashim, Taneem, and Asif. This year we also collected donations for our flood victims in Bangladesh , money sent to chief advisor’s fund of Bangladesh .

Under the leadership of Shampa, we enjoyed very delightful cultural program with lots of fun, programs like fashion show, drama, comedy show, recitation of poetry, dance, singing, door prize, audience participation show and more. We must be thankful to Shampa for her dedication and time on behalf of BAN.

Under the leadership of Zulfiquer and Huda, we were able to establish our own new web page for the first time named This web page gives us many opportunities to look at our programs, photos, activities, cultural magazine, and important links. Through this web page we communicate our values and activities with others. Our BAN gained the momentum of 21st centurys technology.

Another creation from BAN that was established in this year is our annual cultural magazine named BORTIKA. Jashim gave a tremendous amount of time, effort, and technological prowess to make it happen; we are proud of Jashim & Ruhi for this new addition to our community, and we are thankful to Dr. Huda & Mosharrof Hussain for fundraising efforts through advertisement. We must also give thanks to the writers who submitted their articles, poems, and children’s drawing and for generous contribution through advertisement.

We established New Bangle Year, 1st Boishakh at Warner Park by the leadership of Taneem, Rakhi, Pial, and Maurie. Our whole community enjoyed Bangla New Year by eating delicious food such as pitha, vortha, vhaji, dal, muri and more. People played cricket, volleyball, badminton, karom, cards and enjoyed jokes and so much more.

In 2007 BAN organized a reception party at Lowes Vanderbilt Plaza hotel in the honor of our Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. M. Yunus, thanks to the efforts given by Dr. Syed Huda. Most of the community members attended and enjoyed whole program where Dr. M. Yunus met with his two old friends Dr. Zillur Atahar and Dr. A. K. M. Fakhruddin.

During this time BAN re-registered with Secretary of State of Tennessee, and got a Tax ID number in 2006 from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and we established ourselves as a non-profit organization with the IRS in 2008, which is a great accomplishment for our association. Everything was made possible with the strong leadership of people like Dr. Syed Huda, Dr. Jashim Uddin and Dr. Atiquer Rahman. Finally, Dr. Syed Huda selected our next President of BAN for 2009, an excellent leader, Dr.Mohammed Al Masum. We always thank our great community members for their participation. We are especially grateful to some of them for their financial support and advice: Dr. Ziaun Fakhruddin, Dr. Rokeya Farooque, Dr. A. K. M. Fakhruddin, Dr. Ahmed Farooque, Dr. M. A. Maleque, Dr. Mainuddin Sarker, Dr. M. S. Jahan, Dr. Shahidul Islam, Dr. Saleh Ahmed, Dr. Abu Wahid, Dr. A. Ahad, Dr. Salekin, Dr. Bodruz Zaman, Dr. Abu Sarwar, Dr. Rezaul Karim, Dr. Abu Mohyuddin, Dr. Mainuddin Ahmed, Muneer Chowdhury and many more. Thanks again to all of our excellent community members.

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